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If you compare our tape method of applying drum wrap to the use of glue, you will find tape to be reliable and easy to produce a beautiful result.  First we custom cut our material to fit each of YOUR drums perfectly, so there is no material to trim away.  And when using our hi-bond tape, there is no messy glue to use.  With each kit we include a set of printed instructions that walk you through every step of your drum wrap project. Because of this step-by-step process, it should only take you a few minutes of effort to apply the wrap to each drum shell.  With the older glue and trim method, it may take you about an hour of effort for each drum.

Photo of Blue Glass Glitter Wrap - We Make It Easy!Your old drum material can easily be replaced without harming the shell. Since we stopped suggesting the glue method (which we did for over 17 years) and began recommending hi-bond tape, we have seen a tremendous reduction in problems with the tape method, while continuing to hear about a host of problems with glue (still recommended by several other companies).  We have had thousands of customers use our tape with great satisfaction.  Take a moment to browse thepictures and comments from our customers.  If you have any questions about our hi-bond tape method, just give us a call.

Out hats-off to our loyal customers who have worked with us to refine our step-by-step process since we first introduced it in 2000. Because of them, the process and the quality of the drum wraps we sell, we have thousands of satisfied customers

And once you have reviewed our drum wrap prices, you will understand why they are so popular.  Whether you are a drum builder, a professional drummer, or just like to play for fun, we can provide the material you need, with a video online and instructions that really make it do-it-yourself easy.  Now you can give your drums the spectacular effect you’ve been looking for!  If you would like to join the excitement of having our material on your drums, call us today.

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