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Photo of Tom Schlitter's custom drums with Vintage Blue Onyx Pearl drum wrap (97)

Pictures sent in (Jun 2012) by Tom Schlitter from Fort Colins, Colorado of his custom drum set. Good job Tom! [fblike]

Tom writes:
Hi Sam,

The 1977 Slingerland “New Rock Outfit” Model 50N was a garage sale find that had two nice rack toms (12×8 and 13×9) but a cracked bass drum shell and a Ludwig six-ply floor tom. I located another bass and floor tom shell on-line and stripped the drums down to the bare shells. Much of the hardware was missing, incorrect, or badly damaged. I literally located one piece at a time on-line and hand-polished each piece. The hoops are originals that have been re-plated. In my search, I also located all the correct stands as well.

Slingerland identified these shells with a “P”inside, indicating a “pearl” finish was originally applied in Niles, IL. But what color?

A quick call to “Jammin’ Sam” and some advice from Sam, we decided that “Blue Agate Pearl” (Vintage Blue Onyx) was a popular color “back in the day” and would be an excellent choice. Now that they’re done, I can’t imagine any other color.

Since I was so pleased with my first wrap project, I ordered a full set of this striking color, all cut to exact size. Arriving less than a week later, my shells were ready for the wrap. Following all the detailed instructions to the letter, this second wrap project was even easier than my Ludwig kit was! As you can see, the results speak for themselves. I play these out at gigs alot and always get positive comments from many different people – both drummers and non-drummers alike.

Thanks, Sam. Couldn’t have done it without you (or my wife!).

Tom Schlitter
Fort Collins, CO

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