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Photo of Andrew Stoddart's custom kit with True Black Glass Glitter drum wrap

Picture sent in (February 2011) by Andrew Stoddart from Georgetown, Ontario, Canada of his custom built drum set.  Great Looking Job Andrew! [fblike]

Andrew writes:
Very pleased with my recent black glass glitter wrap purchase and I’m not sure if the pictures reveal just how ‘sexy’ this material actually is.

This project started out as I was killing time in a local music store (Mistake #1) and propped up in the corner was a 1967 ‘Star’ (prelude to Tama) kit begging for a new face lift. Needless to say after careful consideration ( 30 seconds) I walked out of the store lighter in wallet and heavier in hand. (Mistake #2)

Once at home, these shells were stripped and prepped for their ‘Spa’ treatment. No mistake here-after a phone call to place the order, the goodies arrived less than 2 weeks later and the enclosed written instuctions were very detailed as to the wrap installation process. Of course all cut pieces were bang on in the measurements and I was able to complete this in a leisurely weekend timeframe. Thanks again. Cheers, Andrew

We would like to feature your drums with our wrap here.

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