Bass Spurs

Legs, Spurs and Bass Risers for drums These “high end” telescoping spurs that are extremely heavy duty— an exact replacement for many brands’ “high end” sets.  They include rubber gaskets and screws— ready to install.  This is the best set of spurs we have ever seen.
Heavy Duty Spurs (4 bolt pattern) w/ rubber gaskets & screws ….$59.99 pair


Conversion Kit – Floor Tom to Bass w/mounts. (10.5mm spurs)

Conversion Kit - Floor Tom to Bass w/mounts Now, with the use of these spurs, you can turn your floor tom into a bass drum without drilling any holes. You can use the existing leg mounts of your floor tom to mount these spurs and presto, you’ve got a bass drum! Using this design with our smaller bass hoops, you’re floor tom will not only look like a bass drum, it will BE a bass drum! (You might want to look at our bass drum riser for this application.) Also, you could use our spur kit (that comes with mounts) to build a new bass drum or to replace existing spurs. And with our kit comes unique memory locks that aid in the holding power of the mounts. Also, the round mounts give a very contemporary look that you can’t go wrong with! We have all the hardware parts needed to build a new bass drum. The simple design of these legs make for a light-weight configuration that gives you a strong, lower profile without sacrificing appearance.
Conversion Kit w/mounts ….$59.99 pair
Conversion Kit without mounts ….$27.99 pair


Medium Duty Spurs

bass spurs med bent
bass spurs med straight We even sell spur replacements for older basses.  Why re-drill a perfect older set’s bass drum if all you are missing is the spurs?  And these spurs are better than the originals.  Once again, Jammin Sam comes through for hard to find parts for older sets.
Medium Duty Spurs (straight, 9.5mm) ….$19.99 pair
Medium Duty Spurs (angled, 9.5mm) ….$19.99 pair
Add 2 mounts for these legs for just $10.00


See our Rims & Hoops section for missing rims- especially rare lug pattern rims.

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