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Photo of Jon Glenn's Ludwig drums with Red Satin Flame drum wrap (83)
Photo of Jon Glenn's set of Ludwig drums with Red Satin Flame drum wrap (75)

Picture sent in (August 2016) by Jon Glenn of Flagstaff, Arizona of his Ludwig drum set.  Looks molten Jon! [fblike]

Jon writes:
I love the wrap, (red satin flame) and my mind has been changed, I’ve always used glue but now that I have tried this method ( High bond tape) my mind has been changed, it’s so much faster, much more neat, and easier..also, I would like to thank you for the great costumer service, that’s hard to find these days, and the whole rewrap project was almost half the cost of where I was getting my wrap….and that’s with all the other parts I needed…
p.s. First time using your tape method it worked out great…
Thanks, I will be doing more business with you soon, Jon, Flagstaff AZ

We would like to feature your drums with our wrap here.

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