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Photo of Bruce Hutchins' drumset with Red Satin Flame drum wrap (4)
Photo of Bruce Hutchins' drumset with Red Satin Flame drum wrap (3)

Picture sent in (Dec 2015) by Bruce C. Hutchins of Kingston, New York of his Slingerland drum set.  Looks Great Bruce! [fblike]

Bruce writes:
My son acquired a 3 pc. vintage Slingerland kit (8×12, 14×20 & 16×16) at a yardsale for $100; last summer.
He totally took them apart & refurbished them. However; he pined for a 14×14 floor tom of the same vintage & finish.
I scoured the internet for a few months & found nothing near to a late 60’s 14×14 tom. So I bought a shell; purchased 60’s Slingerland lugs & hoops; some generic legs & a pc. of Red Satin Flame from Jammin Sam. It turned out quite well & my son was thrilled to find it under the Christmas tree. Hes’ a working drummer in Montreal; where he graduated from McGill.
The red floor tom is the tom I just finished to go w/his vintage Slingerland Red satin kit.
All in all; I’ve had fantastic results utilizing pre-cut wrap w/high bond tape from Jammin Sam!
Thanks, Bruce C. Hutchins, Kingston, New York, I’m on Facebook; The Thunder Ridge Band & The New Lazy Boys
We would like to feature your drums with our wrap here.

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