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First, we would like to thank you for your interest in our products.  Sam Barnard (owner of Jammin Sam) first started selling musical products in 1982.  Concerning our drum material, most are made in the very same USA factories as coverings found on “high end” drums made in the USA today, as well as those in the past (“Ludwig”, “Rogers”, “Gretsch”, “Slingerland”, etc.)

We offer higher quality drum wrapWe have our solids and pearl drum wraps manufactured to 24-30 mil (24/1000 to 30/1000 of an inch) because they look better on the drum (no rippling effect) and last much longer than thinner wraps sold by others. You will find other wraps for sale between 3 and 20 mil in thickness. Even a small difference in thickness can make a great impact on durability, but it is enough of a difference that our customers notice and believe it is well worth getting.

Any “wraps” sold that go over the existing wrap are too thin for a long lasting, satisfied result.  In our experience, over time (and not much time) the imperfections of the old wrap show through the thin, cheap wrap.

Because of the quality of our product, and of the thousands of satisfied customers we have sold to, we are confident in giving a one year warranty for “exact cut” drum material if our “hi-bond” tape is used and no glue is applied (see warranty information.) This type of warranty is only available through Jammin Sam.

If you would like to join the excitement of having our material on your drums, call us today.

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