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Photo of Brian Carter's Gretsch drumset with JS Mirror Chrome drum wrap

Picture sent in (July 2004) by Brian Carter of Nashville, Tennessee; of his Gretsch drum set. Spectacular set Brian! [fblike]

Brian writes:
Hey JamminSam, Just thought I’d drop you a note.  Here is a picture of my Gretsch set with your wraps.  The sizes are 12×9, 14×6.5, 14×14, 15×15, & 28×20.  The set looks great!!  I am currently on tour w/ Paul Scott (pop country) singer out of Nashville.  I have 3 sets, and this is the one I bring out.  Everyone loves the chrome, you should see it under the lights.  For what’s it’s worth, I have covered a lot of sets using other products, this is my 1st time using yours, and it’s by far the best, and the easiest to use.  Thanks for a great product!!  Thanks,
Brian Carter

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