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Photo of Marty Patrick's Premier drum set with JS Vintage Yellow drum wrap (42)
Photo of Marty Patrick's Premier drum set with JS Vintage Yellow drum wrap (12)

Pictures sent in (December 2015) by Marty Patrick from Newcastle, Ontario, Canada of his Mapex drum set. My eyes are popping, Marty! [fblike]

Marty writes:
Dear Sam, After all the work, I’m excited, amazed and proud of the way my “new” old kit looks. I’m 62 and have been playing since 8 years of age. I’ve been playing a 7 piece Pearl Export kit for the past few years. I wanted a bigger drum kit, but the budget said no. I picked up a 4 piece Premier set of vintage eighties in great condition. Then after searching the internet which had lots of options, I decided to try your wraps. I went with Vintage Yellow.

From the beginning of the ordering process to the receiving of the package, all went well. I stripped, cleaned and applied your wraps. It was as easy as eating cake! While the glue was curing under board and clamp, I polished everything. I have arthritis but took my time. The entire process took 38 hours of labour, not including the drying time. I am so pleased with the results.

If anyone is thinking about wrapping their kit, I would recommend they do it. Take your time, follow instructions and you will be thrilled with the results. Regards, Marty Patrick

JS Vintage Yellow, is also known as Tony Williams Yellow. And may be known as Formex Yellow, Cortex Yellow, High Gloss Yellow or Nitron Yellow

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