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Photo of Jeff Finch's Mapex drum set with JS Vintage Yellow drum wrap (2)
Photo of Jeff Finch's Mapex drum set with JS Vintage Yellow drum wrap (1)

Pictures sent in (June 2007) by Jeff Finch from Bonnells’s Bay, Australia of his Mapex drum set. Awesome job Jeff! [fblike]

Jeff writes:
Dear Sam, First, let me thank you for your help in sorting out my problems and for agreeing to supply one floor tom wrap.  I would like to say that all wraps supplied by you fitted well.  Using your detailed instructions for removal and recovering I hadn’t any difficulties, and as you can see from the photos, they look great.  I found it [the set] in a second-hand shop in pretty rough condition.  The chrome was rusted, the covers sagging and torn, but the sound wasn’t bad, so I offered  $150- then they became mine.  I’m 75 years of age and took up playing about 8-9 years ago (did a little in my teens).  Currently I play at church, have a six-piece band here in the Village doing dances, sing-a-longs, etc.  I’m time keeper in a 16 piece brass swing band 20 miles away playing for special events and I love it, even after lugging the kit.  Thank you again for your help.  Best Regards, Jeff Finch.

JS Vintage Yellow, is also known as Tony Williams Yellow. And may be known as Formex Yellow, Cortex Yellow, High Gloss Yellow or Nitron Yellow

Note that we have moved this testimonial and photos from Hi Gloss Crazy Yellow to JS Vintage Yellow because it’s appearance more accurately matches the newer yellow material that we offer.

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