History of Sparkle Drum Wrap (pt 4)

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cat_sparkleAll the Sparkle finishes have been sold for many years on just about all the American made drums, especially those of the past (Rogers, Slingerland, Ludwig, Gretsch, etc.). In the early 1930s the Ludwig family started selling a finish called “Flakes” which loosely resembled today’s sparkle wraps, but by no way the quality.  It was available in “Gold Flake” and “Green Flake”.  In the early 1950s the Ludwig family (WFL) used a better quality of similar wraps, and called them “Flashes”, which were available in Gold, Red, Blue, Silver, and Green Flash.  However, it was not until the early 1960s that what we see today was developed, and called “Sparkle” finishes.  Actually, the demand for sparkle finishes has always been present but peaked in the 60’s and 70’s, dipped somewhat in the early 80’s and surged in popularity again in the 90’s until present. Really, they have been in demand for the last 40 plus years, especially in the recovering market. Some unusual sparkle finishes have come and gone, but the most popular that have stayed are  Red SparkleBlue SparkleGold SparkleSilver SparkleGreen SparkleBlack Sparkle, and Purple Sparkle.  The sparkle finishes are all made by hand and have been done that way since the beginning.

Champagne Pink first came on the scene in the early 1960s and has been commonly referred to as “Champagne Sparkle” and “Champagne Pink Sparkle”.  It is the most expensive of the drum finishes available, and is really not part of the “sparkle” family.  However, because much of the industry calling it a “sparkle” finish, and because of it’s similar appearance to the sparkle family, and because there is no other line to place it with, the name has stuck and will probably be with us for many years. Champagne Pink does not have tiny specks of chrome pieces in the finish like regular sparkle wraps, but finer specks of real silver and real copper- one reason for the expensive of the material.  The combination of the silver and copper gives the wrap that “champagne” appearance. This finish is also called “Bermuda Sand(s)” by some and “Copper & Silver Sparkle” by others.


Our “Metal” finishes have now been available for 2 years.  They come in colors:  Red Metal,   Blue Metal,  Purple Metal,   Gold Metal, and Silver Metal.  They are made of high grade plastic materials that resemble hand hammered metal.  Even though they are plastic, they have the look of  very reflective metal (combined with a high gloss).  We are excited to offer this product line.

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