Do you have a quality standard for the material that you sell?

Our answer:
Yes.  Most businesses you ask this question, will probably not know what you are talking about. However, if you think about it, the quality of the wrap is what you are buying.

We have a high standard of what we will sell, and what we will reject even if we have to throw it away (which we have done several times in the past).  We have rejected entire shipments from factories because the material was not up to our standards. Even though we are working with the best factories for drum wrap, still, once in awhile, products are sent to us that we reject.

Most people do not understand that all sheets of wrap are not created equal.  We understand that human error is a part of the manufacturing process.  But, because we buy in large quantities and work closely with  four different drum wrap manufacturers, this makes returning wrap material easier delivering a higher quality product to you.  Not only are all sheets not created the same, but sometimes different lots/batches are not the same. Because we have been carefully examining wrap for many years, we are more selective about what we accept.  This benefits our customers in getting a higher quality wrap.

We have a reputation with the factories we deal with of being very “picky” about quality. In the past, a factory representative told us, “We have made the material, but I know you will just send it back” (meaning it”s not up to your standards).  Keep in mind that this was a batch made specifically for Jammin Sam.  And of course, we waited for the next batch of material, even though we were completely out of it.  On one occasion, we waited ten months to get a quality batch of material that we were out of. We do not like to be out of stock on anything, but we will not sell sub-standard materials.  When it goes out of here under our name, we want nothing but your satisfaction when you receive our wrap and place it on your drums. Sadly, some of our competitors just pass to you whatever they get, without much of a quality check.  So, asking, “Do you have a quality standard?”, is a very important question is ask.

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