About Mirror Chrome

Example of Mirror Chrome drum wrap material. Also known as Metal Chrome, Bright Chrome, Chrome Nitron, Chrome Steel, Mirror Chrome or Stainless Steel.
Click image to see finish on drums.

Our Mirror Chrome drum wrap looks just like a bathroom mirror. In a cooperative effort, we have worked with a US manufacturer to offer a 100% Mylar reflective film (material used in other industries for a very high grade reflection), combined with a clear coat on top of the Mylar (added protection against scratching), and with an ABS backing (for durability- same material used for brake pads in automobiles).  Also, on top of the material is a clear peal-off protective film that protects the finish while you apply it to your drums.

The bottom line is our Mirror Chrome finish the best quality chrome drum wrap found anywhere.  If you would like to get the best, and save money in the process, just give us a call.

See our History of Drum Wrap to read the history of drum wraps. Then take a look at our pricing information. We also sell lugs, tension rods, t-handles & claws, base spurs, rims and hoops, floor tom mounts and legs, tom arms and mounts.

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